Inspections are too costly, time-consuming and repetitive?

Colizy offers a commissioning software to help you make building better, faster and safer!

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Colizy App

Colizy application allows you to take photos of all the defects, add descriptions about them, tag them on drawings and share all the gathered information easily with all parties in a common data environment.

Live-Stream Inspections

As remote work becomes a workforce normality, it is important to incorporate ways to make sure everyone, whether on-site or miles away, has the chance to join in on the commissioning process. Colizy will make this possible via live-stream inspections.

Ivo Jaanisoo:

The head of Department of Construction and Housing
at the Ministry of Economics and Communication

Colizy was very successful with showing a product which can be put to market tomorrow!
Colizy helps to fulfill the idea of our e-construction platform as a platform of amazing services all around the construction life-cycle!
Colizy helps to keep our buildings safe!